Knowledge is power

Type 2 Diabetes occurs when there is difficulty regulating high blood sugar levels due to developing insulin resistance and a reduced ability for the body to utilise the blood sugar. Over time the additional insulin required stresses the pancreas resulting in a slowing of insulin production. In the past, Type 2 diabetes was typically diagnosed in mid to older age groups, but diagnosis in younger adults, adolescents and even children is becoming increasingly common. As the most common form of diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is often associated with lifestyle factors including low physical activity levels, poor diet, having high blood pressure and being overweight. However, the good news is this is something we have control over and here at North East Exercise Solutions, we will help you take charge of your lifestyle.

Be the success story

Messages about exercise, healthy eating and living a better lifestyle for the management of Type 2 diabetes are well backed by research and demonstrated in many success stories. You can be a success story too. All you need to do is start on your journey and get the support you need along with way so you can stay on track. You have a support team around you – your GP, Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, family, friends, and North East Exercise Solutions.

Focus on the things you can change:


1. How you think

Being ready to accept and implement advice is crucial for success. Getting your mindset away from self-sabotage so you are ready to act will boost your motivation and set you on the path to being the success story.

2. What you Eat

Whilst we recommend seeking the advice of a dietitian, especially if you are experiencing challenges with dietary change or have specific requirements, you can improve your diet by following basic dietary advice and focusing on what you are prepared to change. Common sense changes to our diet can significantly improve diabetes and weight management.

3. What you Do

Being active improves insulin sensitivity increasing your bodies efficiency in managing blood glucose levels. However, the benefits don’t stop there as you can expect improved cardiovascular health, lower fatigue and frailty, improved mood and motivation from being stronger and fitter. That’s a pretty good investment!

The call to action

For some people, the most effective call to action may be wanting to avoid or reduce diabetes related medication. Many individuals understand the increased risk of health complications associated with diabetes including kidney disease, retinopathy or cardiovascular disease, and this kickstarts their reason to act. Others who are ready to improve their health simply need some guidance to get started and the motivation and support to stay on track. What is your call to action?


We need to consider our body’s health and ability before we start increasing our activity levels and we recommend that you speak to your GP or Diabetes Educator before commencing. Exercise Physiologists understand how to work with people with chronic and complex conditions and support you as you commence your exercise journey. At North East Exercise Solutions our first step is an initial consultation at our Wangaratta clinic, so we can determine the best way to for you to get started and feel confident about moving towards being your own success story.

North East Exercise Solutions

We know that despite all the health messages, it is the getting started and staying on track where we most often need support. We have a range of services to best suits your specific needs:

Health Coaching

Developing healthy habits are part of the lifestyle changes required to take charge of Type 2 Diabetes. This is what health coaching focuses on and provides you with a clear plan of action so you get results.


Our Private Exercise Sessions

These sessions are perfect when group exercise classes are not suitable or preferable. Whether you have pain or limitation that affects your ability to move or you simply prefer a one on one service, our Private Exercises sessions are perfectly designed to meet your needs.


Group Services

We know that exercising in a group environment is usually more motivating than exercising alone. So why not join our KickStart Diabetes group or Personalised Circuit classes, get your training plan, get motivated and have a whole lot of fun.