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Our Services

North East Exercise Solutions is the leading Exercise Physiology team in North East Victoria. Conveniently located in Wangaratta, our Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the fields of Pilates instruction and customising exercise programs for the management of health conditions, injury rehabilitation and disability.

Our Services.


Group Exercise

Everyone in our group sessions has a personalised exercise programs designed to meet their health goals and physical abilities.

Health Coaching

Consisting of personalized health and lifestyle advice for people ready to manage their health better. Health coaching provides advice for managing specific health conditions, injury rehabilitation, pain management, weight loss and developing healthier lifestyle habits.

Private Exercise Sessions

These one on one, personalised exercise sessions are all about you.  Boost your confidence with a review of your home exercise program, feel prepared for group sessions or schedule a 3 month program review for progression or modification if your situation changes.

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In Pilates exercise, the technique is extremely important and clients are assisted to perform each exercise correctly, rather than simply completing high repetitions of poor quality movements. Each exercise requires the practitioner to “tune in” to what is going on in their body and become aware of imbalances and correct body alignment.