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You don’t need a referral: While many people start with us on a referral from their GP, it is not necessary to get started.  Give us a call, let us know what you are seeking and we will sort out a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Health funds: Many health funds provide rebates for Exercise Physiology services.  If you think your health fund does, check with them with the item numbers 102 and 202 for private sessions and 502 for group sessions. 

Medicare referral: Personalised approach in supporting the health and functional capacity of those referred from their GP through a Chronic Disease Management referral.  Up to 5 rebated sessions are available per year.

DVA: Private sessions to support the physical and mental health needs of our veterans with either private exercise sessions or health coaching services.

NDIS: Working with people with a disability in the studio, their home or residential living. We provide individualised exercise programs in a one on one or small group setting to support improved health and wellbeing whilst considering personal goals and activity preferences.

My Aged Care: Collaboration between our Exercise Physiologists and Therapy Assistant has expanded our ability to help seniors in our community referred to us through their My Aged Care packages.  This may be one on one sessions in the studio or via home visit or small group studio sessions following a personalised program designed to meet their functional needs and goals.

Clinical Pilates: Private sessions enable a personalised Pilates-inspired program to be designed with a focus on movement technique for rehabilitation, function, strength and flexibility.  Private sessions are also important to understand exercise technique and prepare for group services

TAC: We offer one on one consultation settings for those requiring rehabilitation services under Victorian TAC insurance cover. 

Victorian Workcover: We offer rehabilitation services for those requiring services under Victorian Workcover for specific return to work programs in one on one or small group sessions.

NSW Workcover: SIRA accredited Exercise Physiologist, Bailey Lang is now offering rehabilitation services for those under NSW Workcover reducing the need to travel to Albury in one on one or a small group environment.


Retrain Pain program is an email series about the latest in pain education and is best used in conjunction with private sessions to optimise the management of long term pain conditions.  

Healthy Weight program is an email series designed to support health coaching sessions for those looking to gain a healthy weight. Combined with private consultations, these services support you in achieving your goals. 

KickStart SMART program is an email series full of education and motivational tips to support living well with Type 2 Diabetes and is best used in conjunction with private health coaching sessions.  


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