North East Exercise Solutions

Health Coaching

Join our Health & Exercise Coaching program and plan for success!

– Suitable for people seeking better health management or weight loss

– Solutions and accountability to improve your lifestyle, exercise independently and change your health

– Empowerment through understanding your body

– Our program provides you with personal health coaching and fitness assessments to keep you on track.

Exercise as Medicine

Exercise is a potent way to improve health conditions with a myriad of other benefits – and the research proves it. Along with reducing the risk of chronic diseases and their complications, you can also expect to gain strength, mobility, balance, improved sleep, mood and self image.


With over one third of Australians not active enough, an accredited exercise physiologist’s primary role is to provide the support and solutions to get you moving.

Our health coaching program can offer improved quality of life for everyone, particularly those who suffer from:

Type 2 Diabetes

– Heart Disease

– High Cholesterol

– Depression

– Obesity

As well as a whole host of other benefits including:

– decreased blood pressure

– increased confidence, energy and mood

– better sleep

– reduced risk of heart attack

– more focus and ability to concentrate

– achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

– faster recovery from surgery

– making new friends and having fun