North East Exercise Solutions

Group Exercise

Conveniently located in Wangaratta, we have group exercise classes to suit a broad range of ages, abilities and health conditions…

At North East Exercise Solutions, we use fundamental principles of Pilates and our skills as Exercise Physiologists to design personalized programs to help you move more effectively and improve your health.


Type 2 Diabetes Medicare referral: Supporting the health and functional capacity of those referred from their GP through a Group Services referral for patients with Type 2 Diabetes in a non-threatening, highly supportive small group environment.

DVA: Supporting the physical and mental health needs of our veterans in small group sessions with personalised programs in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

NDIS: Working with people with a disability in the studio, their home or residential living. We provide individualised exercise programs in a one on one or small group setting to support improved health and wellbeing whilst considering personal goals and activity preferences.

My Aged Care: Collaboration between our Exercise Physiologists and Therapy Assistant has expanded our ability to help seniors in our community referred to us through their My Aged Care packages.  This may be one on one sessions in the studio or via home visit or small group studio sessions following a personalised program designed to meet their functional needs and goals.

Clinical Pilates: Personalised Pilates-inspired programs with a focus on movement technique for rehabilitation, function, strength and flexibility.

TAC: We offer rehabilitation services for those requiring services under Victorian TAC insurance cover in one on one and small group session structures.

Victorian Workcover: We offer rehabilitation services for those requiring services under Victorian Workcover for specific return to work programs in one on one or small group sessions.

NSW Workcover: SIRA accredited Exercise Physiologist, Bailey Lang is now offering rehabilitation services for those under NSW Workcover reducing the need to travel to Albury in one on one or a small group environment.


Condition Specific Programs

Bone Strong program is personalised to the individual whilst incorporating bone building and strength enhancing exercises for managing osteoporosis or osteopenia.

KickStart program for Type 2 Diabetes is a personalised program incorporating fitness, strength and balance, all the exercise ingredients required to optimise health and diabetes management.

CaRe program for cancer recovery is a highly personalised exercise program for someone going through cancer treatment or recovering from cancer treatment.  With more challenging exercises for good days and easier exercises for low energy days, the approach of this program is highly specific to the individual and the stage of cancer treatment and recovery they are in.

Stand Tall Not Fall program is a falls prevention program for those at moderate risk of falls or using walking aids.  This program can be conducted in group or private sessions, in the studio or facilitated during home visits

Happy Hips program for rehabilitating achy hips as well as pre or post hip surgery.

Nifty Knees program for improving knee strength for those with arthritis or long term knee pain.


Or Whatever You Need! 

Personalised programs are vital to meet the individual needs of each person as specific exercise prescription helps a broad range of health conditions not already mentioned including asthma and COPD, heart health, frailty, fibromyalgia, arthritic conditions and mental health just to name a few.  Talk to us to find out what we can offer you.